Specimen is a portable one-act adapted from One Boy's Day: A Specimen Record of Behavior (1951)a seminal psychological field study by American psychologist Roger Barker.

Production History

  • Workshop, Research Lab Residency at hub14, Toronto, 2015

  • Production, The Commons Space, Toronto, 2018

Specimen was presented June 20-24 2018 with support from the Ontario Arts Council, The Toronto Fringe and Hart House:

Produced by Griffin McInnes and Khadijah Roberts-Abdullah
Written and Directed by Griffin McInnes
Sound Design by Daniel Bennett
Projection Design by Hans Krause
Production Management by Petra O'Toole
Stage Management by Aidan Morishita-Miki
Graphic and Digital Design by Will Innes
Raymond: Rob Feetham
Roger: Jennah Foster-Catlack