Bohain Tarot



About the Show

Bohain Tarot is a one-on-one performance thesis project created for the Master of Experimentation in Arts and Sciences program at The Paris Institute of Political Studes (SciencesPo). The project is the culmination of an eight month anthropological study of the urban identity of the deindustrialised town of Bohain-en-Vermandois in France's Picardie region.

Taking stories and symbols collected from the town's history and architecture, Bohain Tarot uses a deck of originally-designed "Tarot"-like cards to question the past, present and future of the town's reputation and identity. The project created hundreds of opportunities for intimate, personal exchanges as both performer and audience member worked to create a narrative of the town's past and a (usually satirical) prediction of its future. Bohain Tarot was performed over several weeks in dozens of locations around Bohain, including in homes, farmer's markets, festivals and more.

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Production History




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Cast & Creative

  • Created and performed by Griffin McInnes
  • Collaborators: Milena Kartowski, Jim O'Hagan
  • Graphic Design: Erika Ratti

Supporters & Partners