About the Show

"Survival can be dicey. Maximize your chances with Revelations Consulting."

Based on interviews with real disaster “preppers,” Revelations begins seemingly as an at-home escape room kit (which have become mega-popular over the pandemic). But after starting from home over walkie talkies, it soon grows into a live interactive game and culminates in a profound communal event. The project takes participants on a journey from isolation to connection, zooming out from the individual to a neighbourhood and eventually to the cross section of a city—ultimately redefining the idea of The End of the World.

Apocalypse: noun; from the Greek “ἀποκάλυψις”, meaning “revelation.”

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Production History

Revelations first received a workshop residency with Kingston’s Kick & Push Festival in Summer 2020. It was then selected from a national call by Vancouver’s Upintheair Theatre for their inaugural UpDrafts Commission in 2021, receiving dramaturgical support and a full-scale first production in Vancouver, partnered with Rumble Theatre and The Shadbolt Centre for the Arts.




Apocalyptic ‘good time’: New interactive play aims to put fun back in disaster preparedness

Shawn Conner


Vancouver Sun

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Disaster preparedness comes into play in interactive Revelations

Gail Johnson



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Revelations asks us to confront our own approach to the end of the world; it offers us valuable lessons in collective care that can be applied easily to our real world.

Charlotte Dorey


Dramaturgies of Participation

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Cast & Creative

  • Created and Directed by Anahita Dehbonehie, Griffin McInnes and Aidan Morishita-Miki
  • Dramaturgy by David Geary
  • Performed by Edwardine Van Wyk, Angela Magpantay and Mack Gordon
  • Produced by Daniel Martin, David Mott and Pippa Mackie
  • Stage Management by Kayleigh Sandomirsky
  • Technical Direction by Taylor Janzen
  • Outreach Consultation by Amy Amantea
  • Lighting Design by Jono Kim
  • Sound Design by MJ Coomber
  • Publicity by Zoe Quinn

Presented by The Shadbolt Centre for the Arts

Produced by Upintheair Theatre

In Association with Rumble Theatre