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About the Show

In summer 2019 Outside the March premiered The Tape Escape, a series of narrative-based escape room-like experiences in a fully immersive, period-perfect VHS rental store in the just-shuttered Bloor Street location of the legendary Queen West Video.

As dramaturg on such an expansive project, my involvement quickly multiplied into a core creative role along with the project’s three lead artists (Mitchell Cushman, Nick Bottomley and Vanessa Smythe) and team of designers (Anahita Dehbonehie and Nick Blais), with one of my driving questions being: how to tell stories using an entirely novel medium for us—escape room puzzles.

Visit the Outside the March production page and the full credits.


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Production History




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Cast & Creative

Creative Team

  • Co-creators: Vanessa Smythe, Mitchell Cushman and Nick Bottomley
  • Dramaturg: Griffin McInnes
  • Production Designers: Anahita Dehbonehie and Nick Blais
  • Assistant Video and Puzzle Designer: Allie Marshall
  • Assistant Production Designers: Hans Krause, Julia Howman and Edith Nataprawira
  • Creative Technologist: Daniel Oulton
  • Sounds Designer: Bram Gielen
  • Interstitial Sound Designers: Christo Graham and Tucker Bottomley
  • Head painter: Edith Nataprawira
  • Head Carpenter: Andrew Chute
  • Escape Artists: Kayla Chaterji, Daniel Halpern, Madeleine Jung-Grennan and Bryanna Blackwell
  • Model Builder: Bryanna Blackwell
  • Blindness and Performance Consultant: Devon Healey
  • Producer: Katherine Devlin Rosenfeld
  • Associate Producer: Zoe Danahy
  • Associate Producer, Marketing: Rebecca Ballarin
  • Outside the March Director of Development: Adam Martens
  • Publicity: Red Eye Media
  • Graphic Design: Kinnon Elliot
  • Photography: Neil Silcox

The Tape Escape Clerks

  • "Elise" – Rais Clarke-Mendes
  • "Meredith" – Kavone Manning
  • "Todd" – Francis Melling
  • "Chad" – Nick Porteous
  • "Devon" – Danté Prince
  • "Lana" – Raylene Turner

The Tape Escape Managers

  • "JP" – Tony Cushman
  • "Liv" – Zoe Danahy

Artistic Accomplices

  • Luke Avoledo
  • William Dao
  • Annie Luján
  • Abby McEachran
  • Evgenia Mikhaylova
  • Merlin Simard
An Outside the March Experience
In Association with David Versus Goliath

Supporters & Partners

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